Down Syndrome Victoria offer a range of training sessions for professionals and organisations. We are happy to tailor topics to meet your training needs for varying fees depending on your requirements.
With experience in presenting and speaking at events, our team offers a variety of perspectives and experience to give their audiences insight into working with individuals with Down syndrome. The practical hints and tips and the personal experiences shared during the sessions are invaluable in helping them to better perform their role. If you are interested in booking one of our team to present at your next event please complete a 'Training request' and email to us.

Medical Professionals

We are available for in-service training for midwives, nurses, social workers, genetic counsellors and other health professionals working with people with Down syndrome and their families in a medical setting.

Sharing the news and supporting families

Down Syndrome Victoria understands the importance of informing patients of all the relevant up-to-date medical information as well as all of the choices that are available to them. However, parents also need to be informed about the opportunities and possibilities available to people with Down syndrome, as well as the many services that are out there to support families. Our 'Sharing the news and supporting families' session is designed for midwives, nurses and social workers in the hospital environment, the session draws on the extensive experience of our family support team with the most up to date information and research on best practice to support families through a new diagnosis. To check for current availability of our training programs, please check our EVENTS page. Alternatively in-service sessions can be held onsite for your group, contact 


We are alway pleased to address student doctors, midwifery and nursing students and other relevant course students to provide valuable insight into how best to share the news and support families through the early stages of diagnosis and beyond. We would be please to discuss your needs.

Education Professionals

Annual Education Conference: Inclusion in Practice  

Our annual Education Professional Conference, Inclusion in Practice, is held annually in March and is an extremely popular event which is suitable for schools who support students with Intellectual Disability, Down syndrome and Developmental Delays. Topics at our conference vary each year but may include discussion regarding inclusion, an overview of learner profiles, behaviour and a variety of other crucial topics and special guest speakers.

Working with children with Down syndrome in early childhood

Our 1.5 hour early childhood workshops offer up to date information and practical guidance for preschool educators working with children with Down syndrome from birth to school age. The workshop information and skills are also easily transferrable for children with other disabilities within your classrooms. In-services can be tailored to the specific group i.e. with a health, education or intervention slant.

Aged Care Professionals

Ageing and Down syndrome

This workshop is suitable for aged care professionals and carers. Topics covered include and overview of Down syndrome, the impact of ageing, behaviour support, family perspectives and resources.


Employees with Down syndrome

Many adults with Down syndrome are very willing and capable of working in mainstream settings, indeed there are quite a number who we know of working in a range of business settings. Down Syndrome Victoria can customise an information session for your organisation, to ensure you can confidently and successfully employ someone with Down syndrome and make best use of their skills and talents in your workplace. See also Down syndrome- An Employer’s Guide, available as a download on the employment page

Family Workshops

Our support teams run a variety of workshops throughout the year.  See our EVENTS page for dates.
Workshops are geared toward transition stages of life when families need the most information and support.

Training requests and enquiries

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or contact the Training Manager 1300 658 873 ext. 206 to discuss your needs.

"Excellent presentation, well balanced, personal informative, and encouraging."

"Lovely balanced presentation, honest but positive account of raising a child with DS. Great tips for helping new parents."

"Great presentation, beautifully presented, honest and a good amount of info, weren’t overloaded - thank you."

"Was good to get an understanding of the terminology that can be either helpful/hurtful. Was pleasantly surprised to hear of all the support services available to families."