Expecting a baby with Down syndrome

If you have been told during your pregnancy following a diagnostic test that your baby has Down syndrome, firstly


Remember that Down syndrome is just a small part of who your baby is and will be and no one can predict how much your child will be able to achieve. We understand that there is a lot to take in so we would encourage you to spend some time looking through our website and the links below.

If you have been told after screening test that you have an increased chance of having a baby with Down syndrome and are considering having diagnostic testing, the below links will give you more information about prenatal screening/testing and genetic counselling.

Understanding a diagnosis of Down Syndrome by Stephanie Meredith
Understanding a Down Syndrome Diagnosis is a nationally recognised, balanced booklet for use when delivering a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Prenatal testing blog by Mark Leach.

We have selected a number of links which are listed below and offer up-to-date, accurate information about Down syndrome, including the experiences of living with a son, daughter or sibling with Down syndrome.

 Dear Future Mom

Prenatal Diagnosis Stories from around the world.

Diagnosis to Delivery: A Pregnant Mother’s Guide to Down Syndrome by Nancy McCrea Iannone and Stephanie Hall Meredith
Specifically written for expectant mothers who are continuing with a pregnancy after learning about a Down syndrome. The downloadable book is available through 

'Your Loved One is Having a Baby with Down Syndrome' A helpful, free downloadable resource for friends and family members from DownSyndromePregnancy.org

Light at the End of the Tunnel A booklet written for parents with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome, can be downloaded from the NDS website.

Brighter Tomorrows
This website is not designed to give you the answer, but to give you information about Down syndrome, to allow you to explore frequently asked questions prospective parents often have, and to give you a glimpse into the lives of children and young adults with Down syndrome.

Down syndrome: An overview - a video by Raising Children's Network - In this short video, parents of children with Down syndrome talk about getting the diagnosis during pregnancy. They say they talked with their families about how this child would fit into their lives, and about deciding to go on with the pregnancy. Also, child health specialists explain what Down syndrome is and how they test for it.

Information pack

Depending how far into your pregnancy you are, you may like to contact one of our friendly Family Support Team at Down Syndrome Victoria for a copy of our New Parent Pack.
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or email.