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Upcoming training and events 
8.30am – 3.30pm

Down Syndrome Victoria regularly hosts training and events for families, people with Down syndrome, and professionals. Find out more and register here. 

Training and events


Online modules for Educators

To help educators' work more effectively with their students.

Online modules for Educators

Education Support Service

We are committed to ensuring that schools supporting students with diverse needs and learning styles have access to strategies, resources and support.

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Register to attend parent/carer workshops

Down Syndrome Victoria has a series of workshops that will build essential knowledge and skills which will assist a person with Down syndrome to live a rewarding life. Book your place now.

 Empowerment & Inclusion


“Employment can offer many more advantages to a person with Down syndrome than simply a source of income. Work gives structure, a sense of purpose, feelings of competency and pride whilst offering an opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.”

The Inclusive Classroom

Our Education Support Service (ESS) is a classroom based support service for teachers providing practical assistance and resources, improving learning outcomes for students with intellectual disabilities and their classmates.

Sport and Recreation

When sourcing recreation activities for your family member with Down syndrome it's important to consider mainstream/generic options as well as disability options. This will open up many more opportunities for your family.