Voice is the members’ journal of Down Syndrome Australia. Issues are published in May, August and December. Subscription to the national journal is a membership privilege only, and is included in the Down Syndrome Victoria's membership fees. The target readership is member families of state and territory associations but the publication is expected to also be of interest to practitioners and professionals whose work brings them into contact with individuals with Down syndrome.

Throughout each 32-page issue the content focus is only on matters relating to people with Down syndrome or issues of intellectual disability. The feature articles are written, where possible, by acknowledged experts in the field—edited if needed to plain English. The feature section also includes other articles and information relating to the feature theme. Supplementary material can be articles relating to other issues of particular interest to members, in order to respond flexibly to current affairs issues and include unsolicited material of interest to members.

Each issue also includes 'topic related' contributions from families and individuals with Down syndrome, and can include material reprinted from other sources with appropriate acknowledgement and permission. The rest of the journal includes state and territory news and information, reviews of current and new publications and new technologies.

Voice has eleven sections:

Letters to the Editor (new section) 
CEO message 
One Voice 
My Voice (a place for people with Down syndrome to share their stories) 
A Day in a Life 
National Events (such as StepUp, WDSD) 
Contemporary Issues (new section) 
Back Cover photos.
Voice Featured Articles 
After each publication is released, we will feature some of our favourite articles on our website. Make sure you check back here regularly to read them!   

Key articles from Voice will appear on the previous issues page.

Contact the managing editor with editorial queries or the My Voice editor (see My Voice) for submission of personal stories for publication.

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