Transition to Employment (TTE)

The Transition to Employment (TTE) initiative has been developed in Victoria as part of the Futures for Young Adults (FFYA) program and provides a clear pathway for young people with a disability leaving school who are interested in pursuing employment, but who are not yet ready to move into employment or receive assistance through a Commonwealth employment program.

What is the purpose of TTE?

TTE's main purpose is to help young people with a disability to enter the workforce. It aims to help in the development of industry related work skills and qualifications and to assist young people with a disability to participate in the community more independently.


To be eligible to access TTE you must meet one of the following criteria:
- Be leaving school in 2010 and assessed as meeting the entry criteria into Futures for Young Adults; or
- Be a current FFYA recipient; or
- Be a previous recipient of FFYA who has transferred to an Individual Support Package (ISP).

Most importantly though, you need to demonstrate a willingness and commitment to pursue employment or further education.

What types of supports does TTE provide?

TTE focuses on the needs of the individual. A TTE provider will be able to assist you to:
- Plan and set employment related goals
- Develop your work readiness skills
- Participate in work placements and receive on the job training and support
- Develop independence and life skills

Who provides TTE services?

TTE is only in its first phase so there will only be a few services to choose from in each region. Most of these will be linked to an existing disability employment provider to give you the best chance of gaining the skills you will need to look for work or move into further education.

How do I access TTE services?

Your careers advisor or transition planner will help you determine if TTE is something that would be of benefit to you and identify your interest in your Transition Plan.

Does participating in TTE mean that I can't access Futures for Young Adults (FFYA) supports?

No. TTE is part of the FFYA program. If you decide to participate in the TTE initiative, you will receive TTE supports for a period of up to 12 months. If you haven't achieved an outcome by that stage, you are still able to seek support through FFYA for the remainder of your eligibility period (i.e. up to the age of 21).

Where can I find out more?

Further information about TTE is available by calling the regional Intake and Response Service on 1800 783 783.