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Behaviour – UK Down’s Syndrome Association - Dr Stephanie Lorenz

Beach Center - Understanding behaviour


Stubborn is… as stubborn does
Carol Johnson (originally published 1998 Newsletter of Canadian Down Syndrome Society)
Explodes the myth linking stubbornness to Down syndrome and offers more proactive way of viewing behaviour seem as stubborn. Should be read by every parent, teacher and other concerned with a child with Down syndrome.

Magic and sparkles: a creative approach to modifying children’s behaviour
Wood, Mandy & Gillian Bird (2004)
Strategy for dealing with difficult behaviours. Aimed at younger children in school setting, but useful ideas for parents and teachers of older children too.

Services that may be able to help you

Behaviour Intervention Services
Department of Human Services

Stepping Stones Triple P
Positive Parenting Program

Helps parents and carers to design a personalised program that suits the unique needs of their child and develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour

Beach Center for Disability
Response to intervention and positive behaviour support

Additional text resources
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