Living independently

Preparation for living independently

Personalised Lifestyle Assistance - Belonging Matters offer Personalised Lifestyle Assistance - Melba provides a range of community services designed to give people with disabilities greater independence and control over their own lives.

Down Syndrome Association UK - has some great information and fact sheets on preparing for Supported Living (living in your own home, with support).

Sourcing accommodation

Searching for accommodation can be a very long and tedious process but there are a lot of things you can do to improve your chances and make the process a lot less stressful and frustrating. The following suggestions and information will help you to get started on the search and ensure that you do everything in your power to allow the best chance possible of getting housing or accommodation.

Information booklets

A helpful booklet is "Here's HOUSE to Do It" (hard copy available from the DSV office), it's an Accommodation Information Kit from the Independent Accommodation Network which is no longer operating, but the information in the booklet is very useful.
The Department of Human Services distributes a guide booklet called Housing Options Unlocked (also available in hard copy from the DSV office). This is an extremely helpful and important guide when considering housing and accommodation options. Use the quick reference section to find what you are looking for.

The Summer Foundation has worked closely with people with disability and their families to create the Housing Toolkit.  The toolkit is for both people with disability who require a high level of support and their families, to support decision-making regarding housing and support options within DisabilityCare Australia. Click here to download a copy of the resource.

Registering with Disability Support

The allocation of ongoing disability supports, such as Individual Support Packages, accommodation and day programs, is managed through the Disability Support Register (DSR). The DSR is a system that records information about a person's current need for support so that when services become available they can be allocated in a fair, transparent and efficient way. Even if the person is not offered a placement at this stage, it will help the government to get a clear picture of those people who are in need. For more information.

Avoiding Residential Aged Care (RAC) and Improving Life in RAC

My future my choice is a Commonwealth State government initiative that aims to provide better living options for younger people with a disability living in or at risk of entry to residential aged care.

Skills development

The following organisations can help you to learn some Independent living skills.

Skill development activities will usuall be individually designed and can include activities such as cooking, budgeting, shopping, paying bills, travel training, making appointments and self advocacy:

Harrison Youth Services: YHAP2 – Life and living skills Program at Harrison  - The Life & Living Skills Program offers individualised programs in living skills and life skills designed to assist young people to obtain independent housing.

St John of God Accord  and Individual Support  - Can be accessed if the person with a disabiilty has DHS individualised funding. They deliver person-centred services supporting people with a disability to live a lifestyle of their choice, where they are actively involved and engaged as valued members of their community.

Moira Disability & Youth Service – Janus Program - Offer a range of individualised support services for people with disabilities.