Ansvar Insurance Community Education Program

Ansvar’s annual Community Education Program (CEP) grants are provided to support sustainable programs for Australians under the age of 25, promoting ongoing education, skill training and programs making a significant difference to the lives of the participants. The program provided Down Syndrome Victoria with $40,000 for the Education Support Service (ESS) in 2016.

ANZ Staff Foundation

The ANZ Staff Foundation provides small grants of around AUD 5,000 to charities around Australia. A National Advisory Board and State Committees comprising ANZ employees decide the granting rounds each year. In 2015, $4,500 was given to Down Syndrome Victoria, from the Foundation for the ‘Looking Ahead – Leaving School’ project – assisting families plan for the future of a person with Down syndrome.

Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund

The Bank of Melbourne Neighbourhood Fund supports local charities and programs that deliver sustainable benefits to Victorian communities. The Fund allocates cash grants in funding rounds with a focus on charities that receive little or no government funding. In 2015 the Fund donated $24,720.00 towards the delivery of the Club21 program for adults with Down syndrome.

Flora and Frank Leith Charitable Trust

The Flora and Frank Leith Trust is an Anglican orientated trust that focuses on supporting projects and programs located in Victoria, aimed at helping the disadvantaged with a bias towards children, youth and families. Since 2013, Down Syndrome Victoria has received $30,000 from the Trust for our “Empowerment right from the start” project, supporting new parents after the birth of a baby with Down syndrome.

Newman’s Own Foundation

Newman’s Own Foundation is an independent, private foundation formed in 2005 by Paul Newman to sustain the legacy of his philanthropic work. Funded entirely through the profits and royalties of Newman’s Own products, the Foundation does not maintain an endowment, raise funds, or accept donations. Newman's Own Foundation believes that each of us, through the power of philanthropy, has the potential to make a difference. Down Syndrome Victoria received a $39,787 (US$30,000) grant from the Foundation, towards the delivery of our Education Support Service – education support for students with intellectual disabilities – in 2016.

nib foundation

nib foundation aims to improve community health and wellbeing by funding Australian charities to deliver innovative programs that meet the needs of young people and carers in a practical and engaging way. In 2015, the nib foundation Community Grant provided $43,570.00 towards the “Supporting carers of a child with Down syndrome navigate the education system” project. The grant enables us to run six parent/carer workshops and the development of a resource for parents/carers to use as a guide throughout the years their child with Down syndrome is at school.

Telematics Trust

Telematics Trust’s vision is to use technology to transform lives through learning for the cultural, social and economic benefits of Victorians. It is committed to funding initiatives that achieve our vision by demonstrating innovative use of technology through education. They fund initiatives that use technology to reach diverse groups and address important practical problems in our community through education. In 2015, Down Syndrome Victoria was awarded $29,325 by the trust for our Teacher Training Curriculum, enabling us to offer much needed training to educators state-wide and to improve the outcomes for students with Down syndrome in the classroom.

Sisters of Charity Foundation

In order to promote, in perpetuity, the mission of the Sisters of Charity of Australia, specifically in the service of the poor, the Congregation has established a perpetual charitable fund, namely the Sisters of Charity Foundation. Its purpose is to promote the mission of the Sisters of Charity, by supporting initiatives of benefit to the community. In 2014 and 2015, the Foundation granted Down Syndrome Victoria $10,000 towards our Club 21 program, ensuring that adults with Down syndrome can participate in their community through this valued peer support program.

State Trustees – Grassroots Grant Program

The State Trustees Australia Foundation has a strategic focus on ageing well, disability and mental health and emotional wellbeing. Their Grassroots Grants program aims to promote social inclusion, and provide support for individuals to live independently and build and maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and resilience, as well as reduce the incidence of adverse health issues that can limit their ability to live well. In 2015 the Program awarded Down Syndrome Victoria $10,000 towards our “Helping people with Down syndrome get ready for the NDIS” project, assisting our support of people with Down syndrome and their families transition to the NDIS.

Past supporters of Down Syndrome Victoria

The Andrews Foundation

The Andrews Foundation gives grants to Projects which are designed to enhance the educational and social needs of young people; designed to develop, test and implement creative solutions to persistent, difficult social and environmental needs and problems; requests for small Grants to enable smaller community organisations to begin or continue to make a positive difference in their communities; and Grants from applicants with a major number of volunteers from the community the applicant seeks to benefit. In 2013 they  gave $10,000 towards the cost of producing specialised resources utilised by teaching staff when working with a child with Down syndrome in the Gippsland region.

Collier Charitable Fund

The Collier Charitable Fund have been making grants from the Fund's income each year to many worthwhile organisations and projects in Victoria and elsewhere in Australia. The total of the grants made to date exceeds $82 million. In 2014, the Fund distributed of $10, 000 towards Down Syndrome Victoria’s Education Support Service (ESS).

Helen MacPherson Smith Trust

Helen Macpherson Smith Trust is an independent philanthropic trust established by Helen Macpherson Schutt (née Smith) in 1951. $110 million has been distributed in grants since HMSTrust was established, with a wide range of Victorian charitable institutions and a diverse range of projects benefiting every year. The trust awarded Down Syndrome Victoria with $20,100 in 2013 towards our work supporting new parents of babies with Down syndrome in regional areas.

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) is a not-for-profit organisation that harnesses the power of collective investment between government, business and philanthropy to improve the lives of those living in rural, regional and remote Australia. 2014 they gave $2000 towards our weekend getaway for families with a child with Down syndrome.

Freemason’s Public Charitable Foundation

The Mission of Freemasons Public Charitable Foundation Victoria Limited is to build stronger communities by supporting those who are disadvantaged, and providing relief to their families and carers, by assisting needy members of the Fraternity, their dependants, and by aiding the youth of Victoria to achieve their education goals. In 2014 the foundation gave $5,000 towards Down Syndrome Victoria’s work in supporting new parents of a baby with Down syndrome through the provision of support, information and resources.

Gandel Philanthropy

Gandel Philanthropy is one of Australia’s largest independent family philanthropic funds. It has been the vehicle for charitable giving by the extended Gandel family since its formation as the Gandel Charitable Trust in 1978. The Trust gave $12,455 in 2012 towards a new communication system for the Down Syndrome Victoria office, ensuring that we are able to communicate more effectively and provide ongoing support and valuable information.

Gwen and Edna Jones Foundation

The Gwen and Edna Jones Foundation funds projects and ideas of substance and innovation in the Western District of Victoria for the lasting improvement of the health, education and general well being of the community. In 2014 they gave $5,000 towards our camp for families with a child with Down syndrome.

John T Reid Charitable Trust

The John T Reid Charitable Trusts is a national funding organisation with a wide ranging commitment to philanthropy around Australia. The Trustees are proud of a track record of generous giving for sixty years, being responsive to community need and supportive to key issues. They believe that good philanthropy results from developing relationships with people. In 2014 the John T Reid Charitable Trust granted Down Syndrome Victoria $10,000 towards our Club 21 program for adults with Down syndrome.

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund

Lord Mayor's Charitable Fund receives and evaluates grants applications from charities and not-for-profit organisations seeking assistance for initiatives which contribute to improving quality of life for those experiencing disadvantage and to address important social issues and challenges. The Fund has made several grants to Down Syndrome Victoria, the first of which was in 2011 $10,000 towards our Club21 program. In 2013 they gave $5,000 towards supporting the transition of three students with Down syndrome into Emmaus College, and also $60,000 towards “Empowerment right from the start” new parent support.

The Marian and EH Flack Trust

The Marian and EH Flack Trust is an independent philanthropic trust constituted in 1935 under the Will of the late Edwin Harold Flack. Since 1935 they have made annual grants to a variety of charitable institutions and diverse causes that seek to benefit and improve a broad range of philanthropic causes throughout Australia. The Trust has made several grants to Down Syndrome Victoria. In 2011 they gave a $9,546 grant towards funding to increase the capacity and provide improved technology and resources for our New Parent Support Coordinator; in 2012 they gave $10,000 towards the provision of support to twenty families with a baby with Down syndrome; and in 2013 the donated $5,000 our pilot program proactively targeting health professionals responsible for caring for babies with Down syndrome and supporting their families.

Mary Mackillop Foundation

The Mary MacKillop Foundation provides community grants to community-based organisations so they can deliver their projects as our Project Partners. They provide community grants to organisations who support vulnerable people in Australia. This includes projects which address poverty, sickness, distress and disability.  In 2013 they granted $10,000 towards our Club 21camp, and in 2014 $5,500 for our “Support for parents of a baby with Down syndrome” project.

Mazda Foundation

The Mazda Foundation is playing a meaningful role in helping thousands realise their aspirations and dreams. The Mazda Foundation supports a range from children's organizations and educational scholarships to food banks, environmental programs and crucial disaster relief efforts. In 2013 they gave $11,000 towards our Education Support Service (ESS), and in 2014 $17,000 for our Family Camp in Western Victoria project. The foundation has made several grants to Down Syndrome Victoria over the years. In 2012, they gave $10,000 towards our PEER Weekend and Conference, which provided a weekend away for 20 families of a child with Down syndrome transitioning into the teenage years.

RACV Community Foundation

The RACV Community Foundation makes grants of up to $20,000 help grassroots organisations – often staffed by volunteers – to deliver local projects that help improve the lives of people in need throughout Victoria. Since 1997, the Foundation has approved grants worth over $3.7 million to over 300 Victorian charities. In 2014 they gave $20,000 towards purchasing a car for our Education Support Service (ESS).

RM Ansett Trust

The R.M. Ansett Trust offers grants to charitable organisations in Victoria that will “assist children to take their place in life". The R.M. Ansett Trust was established through Sir Reginald Ansett's will in which he expressed his wish that the income from his charitable trust be used to assist children to "take their place in life". In 2011 they gave $20,800 towards our “Settled into Secondary – Supporting the Transition of Children with Down syndrome project, and in 2014 $30,000 for our Education Support Service (ESS).

Westpac Foundation

Westpac Foundation’s vision is to open doors to a brighter future for more Australians. They support not-for-profit organisations taking a fresh approach to addressing social problems, borrowing the best from business to create more opportunity for Australia's most disadvantaged. The Foundation gave $10,000 in 2013 towards our Club 21 program for adults with Down syndrome.