Online Modules for Educators - Written Expression - Reading - Positive Behaviour Support

The Down Syndrome Victoria Education Support Service provides consultancy, information, resources and practical support to educators and students to address learning, wellbeing and behaviour. Through our work in supporting students with Down syndrome in mainstream classrooms we have been able to determine key learning areas that educators have highlighted they need the most help with. To help educators’ work more effectively with their students we developed the following online modules:

Written Expression - Reading - Positive Behaviour Support

Upon completion of these modules you will be equipped with a range of approaches to suit differing needs of students. You will have seen the strategies and resources demonstrated in the school environment and heard from teachers who are using these strategies in the classroom.
Upon completion of the Written Expression module you will understand:
  • Readiness to begin story writing
  • Four sequential tasks of written expression
  • Using checklists
  • Spelling strategies

Upon completion of the Positive Behaviour Support module you will understand:
  • What Positive Behaviour Support is
  • Behaviour principles
  • Behavioural strategies
  • How to deal with specific behaviours
  • Strategies for building independence
Upon completion of the Reading module you will understand:
  • The conventions of reading
  • Approaches to reading
  • How to teach sight vocabulary
  • How to teach phonemic awareness
  • Direct instruction resources
  • Comprehension strategies
There is no cost to access the online modules.

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Professional Development for teachers

As part of the Victorian State Government Special Needs Plan, teachers are now required to build their capacity to teach learners with disability by taking part in 20 hours of professional development per year that address the descriptors 1.6 1.5 4.1 Each one of the three education modules is accredited VIT Professional Development and a certificate will be issued for each module on completion.